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How true is this saying “Food is the ingredient that brings us together.”
Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a big milestone in your company, organizing an event for your clients or just a catch up amongst friends – dinner is the perfect setting and we know it. Here at IJ-Kantine for groups we offer two different options; Menu of Choice or Walking Dinner.

Choose between dinning in our restaurant, on the entresol or in a private room. Contact our sales team to see what is possible and we’ll help make your night unforgettable!

Open 7 days a week
Dinner from 17.30
Vegetarian & Vegan options available
Easily accessible by public transport
Parking available nearby

Make your reservation here (groups till 12 persons) or:

Menu of Choice

The Menu of Choice is our three to six course sit down dinner. With groups up untill 50 guests the choises can be made by your guests on the evening itself. Did you have something completly differt in mind, contact us: everything is possible!

Walking dinner

The Walking Dinner is 9 smaller courses served of off larges platters. To create the perfect atmosphere we suggest to do a 75% standing and 25% sitting arrangement, allowing your guests to mingle and interact. These menus’ change seasonally and take into account fish / meat or vegetarian lovers, so don’t you worry!

We are open daily from 9:00 am. Our kitchen closes at 10:00 pm.